On May 14, 1968, art students, artists, and workers decided to occupy the workshops of the École de Beaux-Arts in Paris, which was on strike, to produce posters supporting the great workers' movement.
Between May 14 and June 27, the date the police entered the school, the Atelier Populaire printed more than 350 different posters.

Meanwhile, at the Cannes festival, Carlos Saura, Géraldine Chaplin, Jean-Luc Godard and other filmmakers were hanging from the curtain to thwart the screening of Peppermint Frappé and thus succeed in boycotting the festival, in solidarity with the protests taking place in Paris.
Populaire is a poster typeface.

It is inspired by the French May posters, the Typesetting of Godard's films and the critical and non-conformist spirit of the '60s.

It is optimized for writing in French and Spanish.

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